Last Night of Tour: Musig im ochsen and a Puddle in Zurich

We arrived at the Hotel Ochsen in Muri for our last concert of the tour after a considerably laborious journey –  a drive from Nové Mesto, Slovakia to Vienna, Austria, then a flight from Vienna to Zurich, Switzerland, and another … Continue reading

Concert #13: A swanky jazz club in Slovakia

We made our way into Slovakia over the densely wooded mountain called Malý Polom.    I watched the passing wooded vistas from my open car window and breathed in the fresh, crystal clean air.   I almost thought I was back in … Continue reading

Komorni Klub in Ostrava: Live Video

A professional five-camera video shoot recorded our show tonight at the Komorni Klub in Ostrava.   What a thrill!   It was the twelfth night of our tour, our music was well rehearsed, and we were ready as a band to have … Continue reading

An art gallery in Zlín

The concert at Alternativa in Zlín tonight was well attended.  The spacious gallery had high ceilings and glass on three sides of the room, and chairs were organized in a semi-circle around the stage.   It was a reverberant space, and … Continue reading

Outdoor concert and the sweet children of Unicov

We have had great weather on this tour.  Temperatures have been warm and comfortable everyday.  But tonight, the temperature dropped about 15 degrees right before our only outdoor show on the tour.  We were playing a concert in a large … Continue reading

Brno Debut: Rocking out in Stará Pekárna

I have a secret desire to be Robert Plant – to scream out high notes and play in a rock ‘n roll band.  I grew up listening to folk singers and it wasn’t until after I had already studied jazz … Continue reading

Concert Number Eight: A magical mix of music, food, and wine.

We played tonight to a small, attentive and enthusiastic audience in the lovely Café Pierre in Veseli nad Moravou.  Vera and Yarda, the generous owners of Café Pierre, are big jazz fans.  They opened the café to feature Vera’s exceptional … Continue reading

Our Seventh Show: Tiramisu and Catching the Wave

Petr and Ilona are extraordinary music lovers.  They live in Kladno, 30 minutes from Prague and for the last nine years they have hosted a jazz concert once a month.  Big name jazz artists like Antonio Sanchez, Donny McCaslin, and … Continue reading

Teplice Jazz Club: A night to remember!

It’s only an hour and a half from Varnsdorf to Teplice, the second largest spa town in the Czech Republic.  There are a lot of musicians in Teplice because a prominent music conservatory is located in the town. Teplice Jazz … Continue reading

Kocour Brewery: The debut performance of a brand new song

Tonight was amazing! We performed in Varnsdorf at a brewery called Kocour.  We originally were scheduled to perform in the town theatre, Městské divadlo.  However, the theatre’s artistic director, Martin, who booked us, decided to move our show to the … Continue reading


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