Our Seventh Show: Tiramisu and Catching the Wave

Petr and Ilona are extraordinary music lovers.  They live in Kladno, 30 minutes from Prague and for the last nine years they have hosted a jazz concert once a month.  Big name jazz artists like Antonio Sanchez, Donny McCaslin, and Scott Colley have been part of their Kladno Jazz concert series.

The concerts are held in an intimate, artsy rock club called Dun Dee, owned by a personal friend of Petr and Ilona who supports their passion for jazz.  Ilona greeted us with a delicious homemade meal and the absolute best tiramisu any of us have ever tasted!

Our performance tonight was also extraordinary.   Perhaps the band and I were inspired by Petr and Ilona’s love of music or thrilled by the attentive audience packed in the small room (the show was sold out once again).  Or maybe seven is our lucky number.  Whatever the motivation, after two rehearsals and six shows, we  have caught the wind as a band.  The sailing analogy feels appropriate – now our music sails off with effortless power.

We barely fit on the stage so we had to set up differently, with me right in front of Ramon. With every concert I am more in love with the way he plays the drums.  Creative and solid, funky and smooth, his style is unique.  Playing with him makes me more aware of my own phrasing and I vary my rhythmic choices in counterpoint to his.  He’s making me a better and better singer with every concert!

Tonight, I was able to quiet my mind much earlier than ever before.  Turning off the inner judgment and scrutiny allowed me to connect with the music like a sailboat gliding smoothly over the ocean  What an amazing feeling.

I tried to convince Petr and Ilona to let me take their daughter Ema on tour with us because she sold the most CDs during intermission of any show yet.  Thank you, Ema!  A heartfelt thank you to Petr and Ilona and a wish for many more shows at Kladno Jazz Club.

P.S. Photos of our special night are soon to come!



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One Response to Our Seventh Show: Tiramisu and Catching the Wave

    REVIEW ON SARAH TOLAR Q CONCERT in Kladno 28-4-2013

    I can´t remember why we decided to book just Sarah Tolar Q among plenty other
    offers. We had not known her, listened to her music before , maybe one of the
    reasons was a good experience with another similar Lukáš Kytnar project
    (Melanie Scholtz Q). After receiving colour posters we were astonished (and a
    bit frightened) by her extraordinary beauty – is it a real jazz singer or a
    Hollywood star, is not she a younger sister of Dianna Kral ? My nervousness
    while waiting for the band and Sarah on 28 April afternoon in Dundee Jam was
    understandable. When she appeared in a lepard-leather-style shirt, said hello
    with a lovely smile, started friendly communication with Jan (photographer),
    Pavel (soundmaster), Zdeněk (the owner of Dundee Jam), Ilona (my wife) and
    others, I understood that she was a normal human beeing.

    There is no point in describing incredible 100 minutes of the show full of extraordinary
    music feeling, tenderness, swing, blues, rythm and soul, understanding and
    love. The God really blessed that Sunday night ! However I can´t avoid
    mentioning some drawbacks of the night :

    – Sarah, the first name of a band drummer is Roman, not RAMON ! On the other
    hand he can use it as an artistic nickname for his next career……..

    – Sarah, you should improve your Czech language, it is much worse than my
    English, your vocabulary is still very limited !

    – Zdeněk Bečoun (the owner of Dundee Jam) was so moved that he proclaimed an
    absolute ban on smoking in his club which was very rude of him !

    – When Sarah announced that she was engaged, several men desperately left the
    room heading for the bar and then ordering strong drinks to balance their

    – My daughter Ema announced to me and Ilona that she was going to accept Sarah
    s invitation and that she was going to move to Brooklyn.

    – The audiance could not give Sarah a standing ovation because Dundee Jam Club
    was so packed that nobody could move a lot !

    Petr Kratochvíl, promoter

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