Concert Number Eight: A magical mix of music, food, and wine.

We played tonight to a small, attentive and enthusiastic audience in the lovely Café Pierre in Veseli nad Moravou.  Vera and Yarda, the generous owners of Café Pierre, are big jazz fans.  They opened the café to feature Vera’s exceptional crepes and desserts, along with fine wine, cocktails, and great music.  Vera greeted us, after we loaded in, with a welcome shot glass of delicious homemade Slivovice.  Reminding me of mescal, the clear, smooth liquor is made from local plums.

That first taste was the beginning of an evening of music and food magic!  The show was fantastic.  We are starting to enjoy the looseness as a band that only comes after sustained togetherness.  Tomas killed it!  He played marvelous, creative solos and his pocket was laid-back.   Listening to him, I feel he has taken my songs in and made them his own.

After the show, I signed CDs for passionate locals and took photos with musicians in the audience who play in the town’s swing band.   Food began to appear – soups, salads, crepes, desserts – each beautifully and lovingly prepared by Vera.  Having learned I love red wine, Yarda asked if we should open a bottle.   Upon hearing my eager “yes,” he appeared with three bottles from nearby regions.  Yarda speaks only a little English and I speak only a handful of words in Czech, but we understood each other perfectly!   He put on Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (a personal favorite of his) and we had an impromptu wine tasting, complete with multi-lingual tasting notes.  The doors to the patio behind the café were open to the night breeze, and it wafted warm around us with a whisper of spring.

The Next Day, Tuesday

We finally went to sleep in a charming bed and breakfast owned by one of Vera and Yarda’s close friends.  I awoke to clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and an abundant breakfast so beautifully displayed it rivaled a foodie magazine layout.   I went for a run, getting lost in the surrounding vineyards and enjoying the quiet green openness.

My morning run in Veseli

Vera took us on an adventure in the afternoon.  We went first to a church dedicated to St. Anthony that sits high up in the rolling hills overlooking the town.  She then drove us to a vineyard in a nature preserve, a very personal and spiritual place for her.

Our next stop: Brno. Yarda and Vera graciously packed our van with cheese sandwiches, special bottles of wine, and a bottle of homemade Slovovice.  We blew them grateful kisses as we drove away from their lovely town.


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