Teplice Jazz Club: A night to remember!

It’s only an hour and a half from Varnsdorf to Teplice, the second largest spa town in the Czech Republic.  There are a lot of musicians in Teplice because a prominent music conservatory is located in the town. Teplice Jazz Club has low ceilings, exposed brick, and wooden beams and sits next to a lush green park in the center of town.  When we arrived, the owner told us the concert was sold out! People were still calling to reserve tickets but he was having  to turn them away.

We had only a short time to sound check and eat a quick dinner (yummy Chinese food!) before we had to play.  My intention for this show was to try and not be “in my head.”  I tend to over-think everything and my thoughts can cloud my brain during my performance.  I prayed I would connect with the music and the audience.

The room was so packed I could barely walk to the stage.  We started our set.   I sang to the crowd and immediately noticed a young woman from our show in Zatec.  I had a friend in the audience!

The clouds were in my way during the first set.   But during the second song of the second set, “Somethin,” I locked in and let myself go.  How can I get to this zen-like place earlier in the show?  With each new venue and new audience, I am as nervous as if  I am going on a blind date!  And each time I get to the end of the show, I am singing for old friends.  I  share so much of myself with them through my music and they connect so powerfully with me.  I wonder if I will go through this transition every night  One of my mantras on this tour is to allow my experience to be whatever it is going to be – to not force it in any way.  So I guess I will find out!

Back to the concert – the second set was awesome and the two club owners each came on stage separately to give me bouquets and kisses after our last song.  We came back for our two encore songs, playing the new song “It’s Comin’” once again.

After the show, I met incredibly kind people who (through translation) told me how thankful they were that I had come to Teplice and that hearing my music was like being in heaven – so deeply touching.  I got to chat with my friend from Zatec and meet her father.  And I met Lucie, whose father was celebrating his name day.  In the Czech Republic, each day of the year, except national holidays, corresponds to a personal name and people celebrate on the date corresponding to their name.

We packed up quickly to return to Prague.  As the club owner thanked us for coming, he said next time he would like to book us for two nights.  He couldn’t have said anything better.

Setting up in the Teplice Jazz Club

The Band leaving Teplice Jazz Club for dinner


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  1. I just had grandma read your posts. She was diagnosed with pneumonia today so this was a nice diversion! We are all so proud of you!

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